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KORVEL Greek Olives Varieties of Kalamata - set of two packs, 2 x 250g - 500g - Vacuum Pack

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KORVEL Olives - Greek Olives - Kalamata, 2 x 250g - 500g - Vacuum Pack - Olives with Pits - Pickled Kalamon - Greek Product - Natural Product - Healthy Snack – Vegan

  • Premium quality. Kalamata olives with pits. These are the highest quality natural olives grown in the fertile soils of Greece. The olives were carefully harvested, pickled, and packaged in compliance with all production regulations. The vacuum preserves the natural olive's size, color, and flavor. A gift from Greece.
  • Real natural product. KORVEL Kalamata olives naturally ripen on trees, so their color varies from reddish to dark purple to almost black. 100% naturally pickled, GMO-free, without chemical additives, dyes, or preservatives. Suitable for vegans.
  • Good for your health. Kalamata olives are a natural and healthy product, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins B, C, E, P, potassium, phosphorus, and iron.
  • Excellent taste. Very delicate and tasty. Natural brine perfectly brings out the flavor of these black olives. The taste is sour at first; then, you can feel a light note of caramel. Greek specialties.
  • Convenient packaging. Vacuum packaging allows you to preserve the taste and aroma of the olives for a long time. Two packs of 250g each. A total of 500g - Greek premium product. Olives can be used to prepare various dishes or as an independent snack. The store opened the packaging in the refrigerator. Vacuum pouch.

Nutritional information per 100g


Whole varieties of Kalamata olives (96%), salt, water, acidity regulators (citric acid, lactic acid).


1095 kJ / 262 kcal












KORVEL Kalamata olives are high-quality pitted olives that ripen naturally on trees. Depending on the location of the olive on the tree concerning the sun, the fruit has a different hue. Therefore, the color can be heterogeneous, varying from reddish to dark purple and almost black.

No oxidizing agents are used in producing these olives, which gives the fruit an even color and contains no harmful chemical additives. The product is GMO-free.

Kalamata olives grow in southwest Greece in the region of the same name on the Peloponnese peninsula.

This type of olive is harvested quite late, usually from mid-November to the end of December. As a result, the production process is slow. The olives are preserved in a salt solution and then pickled.

Kalamata olives can be a great snack.

They also go perfectly with pasta, pizza, salads, fish, seafood, and drinks. Regular consumption of this appetizer has a beneficial effect on health.

74% of all fats in Kalamata olives are oleic acid, and most carbohydrates are fiber. Olives are a good source of vitamins and minerals, some of which come from processing.

The olive vacuum packaging helps preserve all the helpful trace elements in olives.

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KORVEL Greek Olives Varieties of Kalamata - set of two packs, 2 x 250g - 500g - Vacuum Pack

$25.00 USD
$8.99 USD

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