About Us

New global trends and travel experiences allow consumers to have easier access to the richness of ethnic cuisines. To those hundreds of millions who have actually visited one of the Mediterranean countries, tens of millions keep coming every year to enjoy the benefits of Medi-gastronomy.

We invite you for a Mediterranean tour, in an area rich in exquisite flavors and deli tastes. We want to share with you, our culinary heritage from the most beautiful part in the world, with the warmest of people, and the finest of foods.

We have carefully selected the best natural ingredients, captured their unique flavors in our products, and brought them on your table. Pure, natural ingredients from designated origins are the milestone of our philosophy and the essence of our products.

Our commitment to quality will make you find out that Mediterranean Diet is not only "a healthy way of eating" but also an incredible culinary philosophy and experience.

At the end, this is our business: Provide our customers and consumers worldwide with the finest products, at the right price, at the best delivery terms. This is a challenge that makes us proud!

Korvel Team



Our company manufactures and provides high-quality natural products from Mediterranean countries under KORVEL and ELLATIKA trademarks. Our customers are supermarkets, distributors, importers, and the HORECA market. We produce, bottle, and pack Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Appetizers, and Sauces. Our distribution center ensures daily deliveries to our customers worldwide.



We rely on authentic Mediterranean countries recipes for our products, offering our consumers worldwide an outstanding homemade Mediterranean food experience.


All our products are 100% Natural, free from food colors and flavoring agents. Quality food is our priority; therefore, we use the highest food safety standards through detailed inspections at every stage of the production process. We carefully select our ingredients; their freshness and purity are a constant prerequisite. We are certified by BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 22.000, ΙFS, and HACCP.


Our company sells to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, ethnic food specialists, and food service operators worldwide. Customer satisfaction is embodied in our values, so we have long-lasting relationships and partnerships. For customers looking for a specific tailor-made product, we can meet their needs perfectly. This is another reason why numerous reputable retail chains worldwide trust us.


We identify upcoming trends and adopt new ideas in our daily business. We work on traditional recipes and invest in the most innovative technologies to offer our consumers and customers the best high-quality products.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy consists of:
- Creation of innovative products with high quality specifications based on the nutritional concepts and values of the Mediterranean Nutrition.
- Satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations.
- Relationships of trust with suppliers and customers.
- Extension of activities in new sectors.

Our values

Our management team and staff are committed to the following values:
- Customer Satisfaction
- Respect for the tradition of the Mediterranean Cuisine
- Careful selection of Natural Ingredients
- High Quality under International Food Safety Standards
- Innovation

Our vision

Our vision is to become a world-class ambassador of Mediterranean Cuisine for consumers around the globe.
Our mission is to sustain growth through customer satisfaction, innovation, commitment to quality, and global expansion.