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KORVEL Greek Premium BIO EVOO PDO Kalamata, 250 ml

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KORVEL Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Organic PDO Kalamata, 250 ml - Flavorsome - Handpicked cooking oil - Cold Pressed - Omega Rich - Amphora - Dispenser Pop-Up Pour

  • Superior quality: Our extra virgin olive oil is from Koroneiki olives, harvested by hand from fragrant and ripening olive trees, located in Kalamata, Messenia, in the southern part of the Peloponnese in Greece. Organic extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural and delicious with no preservatives, additives, scents, or fillers.
  • Incredible taste: Korvel BIO Olive Oil Extra Virgin can be used in various ways, from salad dressings and dips to sauces and tasty vegan foods. You can also use it as vegetable oil. Fish and grilled meat taste even better with this cooking olive oil’s rich aroma and flavorful qualities.
  • Good for health: Incorporating the healthiest and most valuable KORVEL cold pressed olive oil - ORGANIC Extra Virgin is polyphenol-rich olive oil into the diet can improve well-being and strengthen the immune system, as it has a wide range of therapeutic properties.
  • Traditionally cultivated: Korvel’s Greek olive oil BIO uses time-honored traditional farming and harvesting methods, carefully selecting the best PDO Kalamata olives (Koroneiki). This natural product also adheres to strict international quality standards. The highest quality of this light olive oil is ensured by the fertile soil and suitable climate of the Kalamata region.
  • Elegant glass bottle: A stylish amphora bottle made of dark glass is ideal for storing olive oil. The oil remains fresh and fragrant if possible. Use a Glass bottle with a spout.

 Nutritional values per 100ml


100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. Kalamata


824 kcal / 3289 kj


up to 0,5%


0 g


0 g

Total fat

92 g


13 g


71 g


8 g


0 g


0 g

Dietary fiber

0 g


up to 14 mEg/kg

Wax content

up to 150 mg/kg

Ultraviolet absorbent

K270 up to 0.20, K232 up to 2,20, ΔΚ up to 0,01


KORVEL Organic Extra virgin olive oil shall Greek Olive Oil of excellent quality. This native Extra Virgin Olive oil is made cold-pressed of the best Olive, which grows in Kalamata, Messinia, in the southern part of the Peloponnese in Greece. Our company carefully pursues high food safety standards by carefully monitoring every step of the production process. Furthermore, the BIO PDO marking means that the entire oil recovery process is carried out at the place of raw material collection, ensuring a high-quality standard.

100% natural oil from the first pressing of the Koroneiki olive variety, which is harvested exclusively by hand. Grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, growth regulators, and genetic engineering methods, they absorbed the full power of the bright sun of Greece. As a result, the olives' maximum freshness and quality avouch the oil's purity and excellent taste.

This is the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the oil of the first cold extraction (at a temperature of not more than 27 degrees). It is produced by a method in which the olives are slightly pressed to the quality to extract Olive oil. In addition, the extraction takes place exclusively mechanically, without chemistry.

The oil not only refines your dishes but also contributes to your health. Premium Olive oil with low oleic acid content contains maximum valuable substances. Regular consumption can strengthen the immune system and improve well-being.

Our Olive oil can also be used as olive oil for hair or skin.

Koroneiki-Olives give the oil a mild Taste with fruity notes, beautiful golden color, and an unsurpassed aroma. The oil goes well with various products. For example, it can be used as a marinade or a base for different sauces; it goes well with vegetables, meat, fish, and pasta.

Create your own delicacies with KORVEL Olive oil. Vegan Organic Foods.

A glass bottle in the form of an amphora retains all the beneficial properties of olive oil and pleases you with a pleasant design. You can use the oil immediately after purchase without filling it in a unique oil carafe. This bottle has a convenient dispenser.

Store in a dry place at room temperature and protect from direct sunlight.

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KORVEL Greek Premium BIO EVOO PDO Kalamata, 250 ml

$49.99 USD

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