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ELLATIKA Bulgarian Sauces - Ajvar, 310g

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ELLATIKA Ajvar Sauce - Traditional Bulgarian Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Spread, 310g Glass Jar  
  • Authentic Bulgarian Recipe: Experience the rich flavors of traditional Bulgarian cuisine with our Ajvar sauce. The sauce is made from a delightful blend of roasted red bell peppers and eggplants.
  • Versatile culinary staple: Use it as a flavorful spread on bread, enhance your meat dishes, stir it into stews, or serve it as a vibrant dip - the possibilities are endless with our Ajvar Sauce. 
  • Healthful and Natural: Our Ajvar Sauce is vegan-friendly, rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, and free from artificial preservatives and colorings - a perfect addition to clean-eating and plant-based diets. 
  • Robust Flavor and Rich Texture: The sauce offers a harmonious blend of complex flavor profile sweetness that has both bitter and savory notes and a subtle smoky hint, with a texture that is both velvety and chunky, adding depth to any dish.
  • Experience Bulgaria: Every 310g glass jar of our Ajvar Sauce is a testament to Bulgaria's rich culinary heritage, offering a taste journey into the heart of Eastern European cuisine. It is a healthy and delicious addition to any meal.

 Nutritional values per 100g


Roasted peeled peppers 60%, roasted peeled eggplant 30%, refined vegetable oil, starch, salt, sugar, garlic, citric acid. 


90.43 kcal / 378.34 kj

Total Fat

5.39 g

Saturated fat

4.99 g

Total Carbohydrates

9.36 g


4.98 g


1.14 g


1.2 g

Organic acids

0.0001 g


Experience the vibrant flavors with our Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce. This authentic condiment, often called Bulgarian Salsa, is a delightful blend of red bell peppers, aubergines (eggplants), garlic, and sunflower oil, prepared with traditional Bulgarian cooking techniques to ensure an unforgettably rich and authentic taste. 

The taste of Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce is a celebration of fresh and natural ingredients, imparting a harmonious blend of sweetness from the red bell peppers and aubergine - mildly sweet, with a complex flavor profile that has both bitter and savory notes and a subtle hint of garlic to balance it out. The sauce is slow-cooked to perfection, creating a rich, thick, velvety, and chunky texture, perfect for adding depth to various dishes. It is a versatile and robust sauce, offering a slightly smoky undertone due to the roasting of the vegetables while remaining refreshingly tangy. The aroma of Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce is equally captivating. Upon opening a jar, you will be greeted with the fragrant notes of roasted vegetables, a hint of garlic, and a subtle smoky undertone reminiscent of traditional Bulgarian kitchens. It's an olfactory experience that transports you straight to the rustic countryside of Bulgaria. 

Nutritionally, Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce is a healthful choice. Packed with vitamins and minerals from its all-natural ingredients, it is an excellent dietary fiber and antioxidant source. In addition, it's vegan-friendly and free from artificial preservatives and colorings, aligning with clean-eating and plant-based diets. 

The beauty of Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce lies in its simplicity and versatility. It's an unassuming pantry staple that transforms ordinary meals into gastronomic delights. Whether a seasoned chef or a home cook, this sauce allows you to experiment and elevate your dishes, adding a touch of international flair to your everyday meals. Every spoonful is an invitation to explore, taste, and love Bulgaria's unique culinary treasures. In the kitchen, Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce is a culinary game-changer.

This versatile sauce can be used as a spread on bread or crackers, an accompaniment to meats, a flavorful base for stews, or even a pizza topping. It enhances the flavor profile of pasta dishes and is also an ideal dip for crudites. Add a dollop to your morning eggs to start your day with an exciting flavor boost. Enjoy the taste of Bulgaria and let Ajvar Bulgarian Sauce make your meals a journey to remember.

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ELLATIKA Bulgarian Sauces - Ajvar, 310g

$15.00 USD
$6.99 USD

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