Mediterranean Skewers – Party Snack

Mediterranean Skewers – Party Snack

The complexity of a recipe: light
Cooking time: 10min
Portions: 20

– Korvel Green Olives Pitted or Stuffed
– 20 cherry tomatoes
– 4 iceberg lettuce leaves
– 70g FetaCheese
– 70g yellow cheese
– Korvel Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 20 toothpicks

Cooking method: 
Οpen the jar with the Green Olives Pitted/Stuffed and put them in a bowl.

Rinse well the cherry tomatoes and the iceberg lettuce leaves. Cut the leaves in small pieces.

Cut Feta and yellow cheese in small cubes and put aside.

Put in each toothpick a cube of yellow cheese,one cherry tomato, iceberg lettuce, one olive and a cube of feta cheese.

Put all the skewers in a plate and add some olive drops for extra taste.