Olives are considered one of the most important fruit crops in the Mediterranean territory. In Greece, there are several varieties of edible olives, mainly represented by Kalamata olives, Amfissa olives, and “Chalkidiki” green olives, amongst others. The color of the olive (green, violetish-brown or black) varies, depending on how ripe the fruit is. Scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value and the antioxidant action of edible olives, as they are rich in fiber, minerals, monounsaturated fat and vitamin E.

Kalamata Olives “Korvel” – A variety of edible olives produced only in Greece. A traditionally export product that is firmly at the top-quality, Class “olives” in world rankings. The physical characteristics of the olive stems are large shape, beautiful black color obtained in the tree, and the rich taste of the hard texture. They are processed by natural fermentation and packed with brine, vinegar and olive oil.

Green Olives “Korvel” – Carefully selected and handpicked olives from the characteristic variety “Chalkidiki” Green olives from Northern Greece. They are plump and full of flavor. Can be eaten on their own or be added to casseroles and salads, especially in the traditional Greek salad.

Stuffed Green Olives “Korvel” – Olives that are filled, by hand one at a time, with freshly cut natural ingredients such as red and green pepper, garlic cloves and whole almonds. An ideal appetizer from the Mediterranean Cuisine will add color and taste to every meal or snack.

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