Why choose Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Have you ever wondered which are the factors that make Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) differentiate from olive oils of other origins?

According to scientific research, Greek EVOO contains more polyphenols than EVOO of other origins; polyphenols are antioxidants that fight against many diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and certain types of cancer.

Moreover, most of the Greek EVOO is hand-picked in the traditional Greek way and not harvested by mechanical methods. As a result, the olive fruit is not damaged or bruised and the final product is of higher quality.

In addition, 80% of Greek Olive Oil production is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the most premium and healthy variety of olive oil.

Last but not least, the particular climatic and weather conditions of Greece allow the olive fruit to grow in such a way so as not to change its quality, taste and shape.

Greeks cultivate olive trees hundreds of years now. The whole philosophy and experience of so many years have led to the production of a far superior quality and delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.