The health benefits of EVOO

Olive oil contains vitamins E and K, which are ideal for your cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E helps for the formation of blood cells, Vitamin K helps for normal blood clotting. It also contains iron, calcium, potassium and sodium in small amounts.

Daily consumption of just 23g of olive oil could keep your heart healthy, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. If you have heart problems, just try Oil-Rich Mediterranean-style diet. It is the best way to keep your heart healthy.

Consumption of olive oil and raw vegetables is associated with a significantly lower risk of death from all causes.

*Practical Tips to keep your heart healthy*

✔️Fill a small bowl with extra virgin olive oil and use it on bread, rolls, potatoes or other vegetables.
✔️To get the most health benefit and flavor from your olive oil, buy and store oil in non-transparent containers and add olive oil to food immediately after cooking.
✔️If you don’t like the flavor, try adding a few drops of balsamic vinegar or a pinch of your favorite spices to the olive oil.