How to Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taking into consideration the numerous olive oil types available in the market, it is an imperative need for buyers or consumers to learn how to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Developing tasting skills will be really helpful for everyone interested to know which extra virgin olive oil matches better with their flavors or even with their cooking recipes.

Just follow our 6 Steps Guide and start developing your tasting skills!

You will need:
– 5 tasting glasses (experts use blue –tinted glasses as color is not an indication of quality. However, plastic caps can be also used instead).
– Different oils for comparison.

Get Started!

1. Place one or two tablespoons of each oil into the tasting caps.
2. Warm the oil of the first cap with your hand and close the cap with the other hand. Heat will help olive oil to release its aromas.
3. Bring the cup to your nose, inhaling deeply and note down what sensations each oil gives you (e.g. freshness, fruitiness, ripeness etc.).
4. After smelling all the caps, put them in order by starting from the one with the weakest smell to the one with the stronger.
5. Starting from the cap with the weakest smell, sip some of the oil and round it in your mouth. Suck in some air and swallow at least some of it in order to feel the taste in your throat.
6. Continue the same procedure with the other caps.

*Before moving on to the next cap, cleanse your palate with some water or slices of apple/ bread.

You will be surprised with all the differences you will find!

KORVEL Ltd. at PRODEXPO 2018 – International Exhibition

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“Tradition, Excellence & Taste: An Authentic Mediterranean Food Experience by KORVEL Ltd.”

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – All you need to know!

Olive fruit is one of the most beneficial natural crops, because of its essential advantages for human health.

However, among the oils extracted from olives, only Extra Virgin is able to provide your health all the beneficial characteristic the olive oil is known for. Recognising its high nutritional value, we gathered for you all the information that will help you recognise a qualitative Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Acidity: one of the most important factors that can help us recognize a “good” olive oil. Is defined as percentage of free fatty acids in 100 grams of oil. In order to define an olive oil as extra virgin, its acidity level should be less than 0.8%. “The lower the acidity level is, the more premium the olive oil will be”.

Cold extracted: olive oil extracted in temperature that never exceeds 27 ºC. Cold extracted oils retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.

Early harvest: olive oil made from olives at early ripeness at the beginning of the new season crop.

Fruitiness: positive attribute of extra virgin olive oil that depends on the variety and comes from fresh olives, either ripe or unripe. Сomplete lack of this characteristic signifies that the oil tasting is not olive oil. However, really low tensity signifies that the olive oil is not extra virgin.

Pungent: positive attribute of extra virgin olive oil, common characteristic of oils produced at the start of the new crop from olives that are still unripe. It is perceived on the upper part of the throat.

Bitter: positive attribute of extra virgin olive oil, common characteristic of olive oils obtained from green olives or olives that are now getting mature. It is perceived on the V region of the tongue. “Because Bitter is Better!”

Make the right choice!

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The Treasures of Greek Nature

Greek Cuisine and Greek traditional products are globally known for their exceptional taste, their unique flavors as well as their high nutritional value.

Thousands of years now, Greek land, along with the inventiveness & creativity of Greeks, has generated numerous of unique products, elevating Greek Traditional Cuisine among the most famous cuisines in the world.

Yet, what are the most famous Greek traditional products on a worldwide scale?

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives:

Olive Oil cultivation is embodied in Greek Philosophy since hundreds of years. Greek’s multi annual experience provides them the opportunity to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Olives of superior quality and delicate taste. Among the most famous olive types are Kalamata & Chalkidiki Green Olives as well as PDO or PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2. Yogurt & Cheese:

In Greece, relative to the region of origin, there is a big variety of traditional recipes referring to Cheese and Dairy Products. Among the most famous types of Cheese if the globally known “FETA Cheese”, Graviera and Kefalotiri. What is more, Greek Yogurt is also a famous typical Greek product, usually tasted along with cereals, honey or fruits.

3. Wine & Ouzo:

Greece has multi annual experience in the production of wine and ouzo. Greek Wine is successfully competing some of the most famous wines of eastern Europe, produced from various varieties of grapes. The final result is a product of excellent and superior quality. Wine & Ouzo are part of Greek’s daily life, accompanying their snack or meal.

These are some of the most typical Greek products commonly known abroad. However, it is only a small sample comparing to the rich variety of quality product Greek Nature provides.

If ever find your self in Greece or in front of a supermarket self, do taste these Greek Traditional Products and discover the Treasures provided generously by Greek Nature.

“Mediterranean Diet” is all you need!

The Mediterranean diet was developed in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, Italy & Spain.

In a worldwide scale, is considered one of the healthier diet models, often characterized as “A treasure in our plate”.

But, how well do you know Mediterranean Foods?

Mediterranean diet, despite the slight diversities observed among Mediterranean Countries, is mainly based on:

1. Unrefined cereals (whole wheat, multigrain bread, brown rice/pasta, oatmeal)

2. Fresh Fruits and vegetables (apple, orange, grapes, carrots, broccoli, spinach)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives

4. Legumes (lentils, beans, pea)

5. Dairy Products (mostly cheese and yogurt)

6. High Consumption of Fish & Low Consumption of Meat Products

Are you ready for a healthier diet & a healthier life?

The right combination of the above-mentioned products along with their high nutritional value will certainly provide your body and mind with all the numerous benefits of this famous diet.

“Mediterranean Diet” is all you need!

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Eat More Olives

Olives are considered one of the most important fruit crops in the Mediterranean territory. In Greece, there are several varieties of edible olives, mainly represented by Kalamata olives and “Chalkidiki” green olives, amongst others. But what are the key elements that make this crop so special?

1. High nutritional value:

Scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value and the antioxidant action of edible olives, as they are rich in fiber, minerals, monounsaturated fat and vitamin E (improve skin, nails and hair).

2. Delicious Taste:

Olives are generally considered one of the tastiest appetizers, available in many different variations. Kalamata or Chalkidiki Green Olives, pitted and stuffed with almond, sweet pepper or garlic, marinated with chili herbs, lemon peels, sweet pepper or garlic are some exceptional and traditional combinations.

3. Easy Snack:

Natural Olives can be the ideal appetizer of every meal of yours, ideal snack for your drinks or your summer cocktails.

4. Ideal for a Healthy Diet:

Olive Oil and Olives are amongst the most important key factors of the Mediterranean Diet. They are the ideal choice for a healthy and balanced diet.

5. Natural & Gluten Free:

Natural Olives are the ideal choice for a gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet.

Are you ready to change your eating habits? Make a clever choice!

How to Experience the Authentic Greek Summer


Οne of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean Region, known for its natural beauty, the breathtaking sunset, the islands, the countless blue coasts, the traditional recipes, tasty appetizers and aromas.

Greece is among the most famous summer destinations in the world, with millions of visitors every year.

But, what are the main Greek vacations habits that can surely guarantee an authentic Greek Summer Experience?


One of the most favorite Greek habits, especially during a typical hot summer day. If ever visiting Greece, be sure that you will have your breakfast served by the sea, tasting seasonal fruits, traditional pies with Feta cheese or vegetables, olive bread, fresh orange juice and homemade traditional marmalades.


After a refreshing swim in the sea, the best choice is a tasty lunch served at a traditional tavern next to the sea. Feel free to discover the traditional Mediterranean flavours, tasting appetizers such as wine leaves with rice, red peppers and mushrooms stuffed with cheese, grilled octopus with olive oil and vinegar and fried squids. Typical complement with Greek appetizers is the traditional Greek salad (“horiatiki”) with Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Kalamata olives and a glass of ouzo.


Discover the “hidden secrets” of the place visiting. If ever find yourself in a Greek summer destination, you will surely be carried away walking on foot for hours, looking or shopping in the traditional small shops: souvenirs, accessories, clothes, traditional herbs and spices, bottles of Greek extra virgin olive oil, jars with olives, homemade sweets or marmalades. The best way to “carry” Greece back home!


Greece combines beautiful sea coasts and hills in the same place, providing visitor the opportunity to observe the endless sea or the breathtaking sunset from above. An ice-cream will be surely a good choice!


What would be a better way to close your day? A cocktail, a glass of wine or a cold beer next by the sea.

These are some of the reasons why millions of people love visiting Greece for their summer holidays.

Do it like a Greek and you will surely enjoy an authentic summer experience!