The Treasures of Greek Nature

Greek Cuisine and Greek traditional products are globally known for their exceptional taste, their unique flavors as well as their high nutritional value.

Thousands of years now, Greek land, along with the inventiveness & creativity of Greeks, has generated numerous of unique products, elevating Greek Traditional Cuisine among the most famous cuisines in the world.

Yet, what are the most famous Greek traditional products on a worldwide scale?

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives:

Olive Oil cultivation is embodied in Greek Philosophy since hundreds of years. Greek’s multi annual experience provides them the opportunity to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Olives of superior quality and delicate taste. Among the most famous olive types are Kalamata & Chalkidiki Green Olives as well as PDO or PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2. Yogurt & Cheese:

In Greece, relative to the region of origin, there is a big variety of traditional recipes referring to Cheese and Dairy Products. Among the most famous types of Cheese if the globally known “FETA Cheese”, Graviera and Kefalotiri. What is more, Greek Yogurt is also a famous typical Greek product, usually tasted along with cereals, honey or fruits.

3. Wine & Ouzo:

Greece has multi annual experience in the production of wine and ouzo. Greek Wine is successfully competing some of the most famous wines of eastern Europe, produced from various varieties of grapes. The final result is a product of excellent and superior quality. Wine & Ouzo are part of Greek’s daily life, accompanying their snack or meal.

These are some of the most typical Greek products commonly known abroad. However, it is only a small sample comparing to the rich variety of quality product Greek Nature provides.

If ever find your self in Greece or in front of a supermarket self, do taste these Greek Traditional Products and discover the Treasures provided generously by Greek Nature.

“Mediterranean Diet” is all you need!

The Mediterranean diet was developed in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, Italy & Spain.

In a worldwide scale, is considered one of the healthier diet models, often characterized as “A treasure in our plate”.

But, how well do you know Mediterranean Foods?

Mediterranean diet, despite the slight diversities observed among Mediterranean Countries, is mainly based on:

1. Unrefined cereals (whole wheat, multigrain bread, brown rice/pasta, oatmeal)

2. Fresh Fruits and vegetables (apple, orange, grapes, carrots, broccoli, spinach)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives

4. Legumes (lentils, beans, pea)

5. Dairy Products (mostly cheese and yogurt)

6. High Consumption of Fish & Low Consumption of Meat Products

Are you ready for a healthier diet & a healthier life?

The right combination of the above-mentioned products along with their high nutritional value will certainly provide your body and mind with all the numerous benefits of this famous diet.

“Mediterranean Diet” is all you need!

4 Good reasons to choose a Mediterranean Diet

Let me start mentioning a few things about the question:

“What is a Mediterranean Diet?”

Mediterranean diet is the type of diet the Mediterranean citizens follow. From 1940s citizens from Greece, Italy and Spain inspired our diet habits enriching them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, fish and cereals.

So, let me appose you the advantages that you will get by choosing the Mediterranean Diet.

1. It is well known that dietitians and doctors all over the world claim that the Mediterranean Diet contributes at preventing and curing heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and many others with great success.

2. This diet, apart from eating habits, includes also physical activity, preventing obesity and maintaining a good shape. It is also proposed by many nutritionists for losing extra weight.

3. The water is the main part of the Mediterranean Diet helping the body and the cells to function properly. Moreover, water favors our skin too by hydrating it and keeping it hale.

4. Last but not least, olive oil. Olive oil facilitates digestion. It has over 60 beneficial properties. But, you must be careful; Only Extra Virgin Olive Oil is included in the Mediterranean Diet!!!

Let today be the start of a healthier diet! Start the Mediterranean Diet!

“Greek Diet” – The Key to a Healthier Life

The traditional Greek diet, formed by history and climatic conditions, meets the main criteria of an optimal diet: it has health-promoting properties and it is compatible with a sustainable environment.
In simplified terms, the traditional Greek diet relies on:
•high consumption of olive oil, which in Greece, more than in any other country, is extra-virgin;
•high consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and unrefined cereals;
•preference of fish over meat;
•emphasis on feta cheese and yogurt, rather than other dairy products;
•moderate consumption of wine, mostly during meals.
Prototype of the traditional Mediterranean diet
The health-promoting properties of this diet have been documented in many populations, and in different historical periods. In the late 1960s, the original work of Ancel Keys (a distinguished American scientist, who studied the influence of diet on health) on the Greek population gave credence to the notion that the traditional Greek diet represents a distinguished prototype of the traditional Mediterranean diet.
The traditional Greek diet has been found to increase longevity and to protect from serious diseases, such as coronary heart disease and several forms of cancer.
Recent studies have also recognized Greek diet for its health-promoting attributes. Moreover, scientists proved that there are two factors playing an important role in a healthy diet:
•combination of food intakes and
•high quality of the component foods
High quality
Greece is justifiably proud for the high quality and supreme taste of many of its food products, including olive oil, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. But it is not only the products that form the most important components of this renowned diet. Many Greek recipes and traditional confections have an impressive array of healthful properties.
The surprising nutritional properties of many Greek foods are only now being recognized.