4 Good reasons to choose a Mediterranean Diet

Let me start mentioning a few things about the question:

“What is a Mediterranean Diet?”

Mediterranean diet is the type of diet the Mediterranean citizens follow. From 1940s citizens from Greece, Italy and Spain inspired our diet habits enriching them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, fish and cereals.

So, let me appose you the advantages that you will get by choosing the Mediterranean Diet.

1. It is well known that dietitians and doctors all over the world claim that the Mediterranean Diet contributes at preventing and curing heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and many others with great success.

2. This diet, apart from eating habits, includes also physical activity, preventing obesity and maintaining a good shape. It is also proposed by many nutritionists for losing extra weight.

3. The water is the main part of the Mediterranean Diet helping the body and the cells to function properly. Moreover, water favors our skin too by hydrating it and keeping it hale.

4. Last but not least, olive oil. Olive oil facilitates digestion. It has over 60 beneficial properties. But, you must be careful; Only Extra Virgin Olive Oil is included in the Mediterranean Diet!!!

Let today be the start of a healthier diet! Start the Mediterranean Diet!