How to Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taking into consideration the numerous olive oil types available in the market, it is an imperative need for buyers or consumers to learn how to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Developing tasting skills will be really helpful for everyone interested to know which extra virgin olive oil matches better with their flavors or even with their cooking recipes.

Just follow our 6 Steps Guide and start developing your tasting skills!

You will need:
– 5 tasting glasses (experts use blue –tinted glasses as color is not an indication of quality. However, plastic caps can be also used instead).
– Different oils for comparison.

Get Started!

1. Place one or two tablespoons of each oil into the tasting caps.
2. Warm the oil of the first cap with your hand and close the cap with the other hand. Heat will help olive oil to release its aromas.
3. Bring the cup to your nose, inhaling deeply and note down what sensations each oil gives you (e.g. freshness, fruitiness, ripeness etc.).
4. After smelling all the caps, put them in order by starting from the one with the weakest smell to the one with the stronger.
5. Starting from the cap with the weakest smell, sip some of the oil and round it in your mouth. Suck in some air and swallow at least some of it in order to feel the taste in your throat.
6. Continue the same procedure with the other caps.

*Before moving on to the next cap, cleanse your palate with some water or slices of apple/ bread.

You will be surprised with all the differences you will find!