The Treasures of Greek Nature

Greek Cuisine and Greek traditional products are globally known for their exceptional taste, their unique flavors as well as their high nutritional value.

Thousands of years now, Greek land, along with the inventiveness & creativity of Greeks, has generated numerous of unique products, elevating Greek Traditional Cuisine among the most famous cuisines in the world.

Yet, what are the most famous Greek traditional products on a worldwide scale?

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives:

Olive Oil cultivation is embodied in Greek Philosophy since hundreds of years. Greek’s multi annual experience provides them the opportunity to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Olives of superior quality and delicate taste. Among the most famous olive types are Kalamata & Chalkidiki Green Olives as well as PDO or PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2. Yogurt & Cheese:

In Greece, relative to the region of origin, there is a big variety of traditional recipes referring to Cheese and Dairy Products. Among the most famous types of Cheese if the globally known “FETA Cheese”, Graviera and Kefalotiri. What is more, Greek Yogurt is also a famous typical Greek product, usually tasted along with cereals, honey or fruits.

3. Wine & Ouzo:

Greece has multi annual experience in the production of wine and ouzo. Greek Wine is successfully competing some of the most famous wines of eastern Europe, produced from various varieties of grapes. The final result is a product of excellent and superior quality. Wine & Ouzo are part of Greek’s daily life, accompanying their snack or meal.

These are some of the most typical Greek products commonly known abroad. However, it is only a small sample comparing to the rich variety of quality product Greek Nature provides.

If ever find your self in Greece or in front of a supermarket self, do taste these Greek Traditional Products and discover the Treasures provided generously by Greek Nature.