Under the Greek Sun

Sun drying is one of the oldest preservative techniques, commonly used in Ancient Greece.

The need of preserving summer fruits and vegetables during winter contributed to this invention, in order to preserve their summer aromas along the year.

In Greece, one of the most popular and traditional sun dried food is Sun Dried Tomatoes.

During sun drying process, tomatoes are let for 4 to 10 days under the sun’s natural heat in order to develop their so praized by culinary experts and gourmets characteristics. After this process, tomatoes might lose up to 93% of their initial weight, however, they will keep their nutritional value.

Sun Dried Tomatoes are amongst the most luscious and tasty appetizers worldwide. They are often preserved in Olive Oil in order to gain some extra taste and aromas.

Their exceptional taste will certainly give a delicate and unique flavor in every meal!